“The strongest and most effective program of organizational change with immediate positive impact on individual and organizational performance in the market today”.

Directors, C-level Executives and Board Members, especially successful ones, often feel that their competencies, skills and behaviors led them to the level of success they enjoy today, not realizing that often, they arrived there in spite of them. Naturally, these successful individuals cannot continue growing sustainably if these behaviors do not change.

When a person takes a position of senior leadership in an organization, the area of greatest opportunity for both individual and organizational improvement is undoubtedly their behavior.

The value proposition of the Best in Class program is precisely to help our client companies achieve top performance, reach objectives and positively impact organizational culture by making the right changes in the behavior of senior executive teams within their organizations.

Our process detects these behaviors and maximizes their actual change in a relatively short time frame, measures the results obtained by each participant and their team, calculates a coefficient of organizational change capacity and executes strategies to expand it substantially.

Industry verticals where Best in Class was applied:

  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Diverse Industries
  • Shopping Centers
  • Construction / Engineering
  • Home Centers
  • Logistics
  • Communication