Our Story


We have lived through enormous changes since our pioneering startup in 1964. Well before the digital era, Internet, e-mail, smartphones, laptops, AI, drones. A time when we had to do more with less, substituting inexistent hardware and software facilities with initiative and invention.

We implemented the basics of executive search in Brazil at a time when it was locally unknown and we internationalized long before the advent of globalization. We started a business segment that ultimately nurtured several businesses like our own. Methods and procedures were rapidly adapted and modernized to turn us into one of the most accredited organizations in our field.

New ideas and reinvention have become our permanent goals to enable us to offer our clients world-class products and services always in search for excellence.


We continue to challenge our limits to satisfy a sophisticated and an ever-changing market, always in search of a competitive edge for our clients and ourselves.

Our team has stood by us through thick and thin, through boom and recession, economic downturn and bonanza and we are stronger for this, better prepared for whatever awaits us at the next turn.

Pioneers that we were, and in many respects continue to be, we cherish our intuitiveness and creativity and look to the future with courage, prepared to face as yet unforeseen challenges.

This is what we offer and promise our clients.