Jens Hagedorn


SIMON FRANCO CORPORATE TALENT represent an invaluable source of wisdom, best practices, unusual mindsets, analytic frames and disruptive angles from which to better observe any business challenge, especially those related to the generation of corporate excellence, personal, team and organizational behavioral change, strategic thinking, vision and values, and general business planning and execution at the Board, Strategic, Executive and Management levels.

Their experience in the International Executive Search field and the more than 5 decades long history of studying, analyzing, counseling and helping companies of all sizes, industries, governance models and nationalities – and positively solving a large number of complex problems for them – make them a unique Consultancy, since they are one of the very few out there that has seen historical transformations in the world.  They have evolved, adapted and learned throughout many years and can contribute with the rare ability to create useful connections between the old and the new, while maintaining a superb set of ethical values.

We have successfully worked together in many different projects in Latin America.