Top and mid-level (via our subsidiary OPPORTUNITY) permanent placement of superior performing talent is our core business.

We strongly believe the following important principles:

  • Effective Executive Search is a delicate, organic process. It is a comprehensive, lean and well-timed series of precise events. It usually involves a small team consisting of a couple of hiring executives, Human Resources, a recruiter and a candidate. Search success depends directly on how well this team works together and the quality of professionals in it.
  • Every company is different, every context is different and all executive search cases are different. This is true even for the same company. Therefore, every executive search solution has to be customized to the specifics of each individual situation. Off-the-shelf, rigid solutions designed without a thorough and sensitive diagnosis, rarely work.
  • Top Performance is the key to every successful search process.

Our consultants carefully analyze every executive search case and together with you design the following search solutions with these fundamental points of reference in mind.